The mesonpep517 module

This is a python module that implements pep517 for the meson build system.

This implies that any project that deals with python code can easily distributed to the Python Package Index (PyPI) by just setting the right metadatas in its pyproject.toml config file


mesonpep517 doesn't provide any command line tools and should be used though other standard tools like pip3, twine and build

Workflow to upload a release to pypi

  1. Add a pyproject.toml to your project
  2. Install build: pip3 install build
  3. Build packages: python3 -m build . (which adds the sdist and wheel to the dist/ folder)
  4. Publish the package twine upload dist/*

In short for the next release: rm dist/* && python3 -m build && twine upload dist/*

The results of the search are